The esteemed Commonwealth Business Communications has featured SBL’s eParliament solution in the Commonwealth Heads of Government Interim Report 2020. The platform provides us the opportunity to promote the concept of eParliament among the Commonwealth Heads of Government and global leaders.

eParliament Solution

Eco-friendly technology is the need of the hour to stop the detrimental impact of technology on the environment. The digitalization of parliaments is a concept in tandem with this idea and strives to establish green governance.

Through complete digitalization, the law-making bodies would function in perfect harmony with nature. For promoting eco-friendly technology in parliaments SBL has developed the eParliament solution, which is the only application in the world for an end to end digitalization of parliaments.

SBL’s article in Commonwealth Business Communication was well-received and served as a strong suggestion for the digitalization of the commonwealth parliaments. We strongly believe that this would pave the way for implementing eParliament in the Commonwealth nations and serve as an exemplary model for green governance. The digital parliament also establishes a strong democratic process and connects the law-making bodies to the citizens at the grass-root level.

The benefits of eParliament solution to the Commonwealth parliaments

The Commonwealth nations are an association of 54 member countries, consisting mainly of the United Kingdom and its former dependencies. The parliaments in these nations follow the traditional paper-based processes and have not adopted complete digitalization. By replacing paper-based processes with the eParliament solution, the Commonwealth parliaments would gain significant financial and environmental benefits.

Some notable benefits the eParliament solution would bring to the Commonwealth nations are:

  • Annual reduction in operational expenses by USD 300 million
  • Reduced annual consumption of paper by 11billion A4 sheets
  • Save more than 800,000 trees annually
  • Reduce carbon emissions by 140,000Mt in a year and save 34bn gallons of water annually
  • Eliminate all redundant processes and increase the efficiency of the functions
  • Achieves paperless mode of functioning and facilitates seamless integration between the Honorable members and the departments
  • Facility for the Members to login from any location and take part in the daily proceedings
  • Monitor the day-to-day functions of legislative bodies efficiently
  • Provides multiple secure layers and improves the security
  • Share and download documents securely over the internet
  • Automation allows to answer more questions and notices
  • Seamless communication between the Members and the Speaker
  • Improves the online submission of legislative data
  • Zero downtime and efficient functioning
  • Promotes informed decision-making by providing timely access to the right information
  • Online file movement for 100% improved decision-making
  • Improves public participation in governance
  • Increased transparency and accountability in the law-making process



Current implementaions of eParliament

The Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly was the first to adopt SBL’s eParliament solution. We implemented the solution successfully in the HP assembly and are proud to note that it has been functioning without downtime for the past 5 years. The HP Government appreciated the innovative concept by awarding the Highest Civil Service.

The eParliament has been selected by the Government of India as a mission mode project. It would bring measurable environmental and financial benefits if implemented across the law-making bodies in India. SBL focuses on helping parliaments make the digital transition with its eParliament solution and consider it a privilege to support the parliaments in their steps towards digitalization.

Know more

SBL is involved in continuous research to develop eco-friendly technology that preserves and protects the environment. We work with law-making bodies across the globe to understand the intricacies of the law-making process and implement it accurately in our digitalization applications.

Get in touch with us. Our team would be glad to explain the powerful features of eParliament solution and the possibilities of customizing it for your requirements.