It is interesting to note that 80% of the pie of publishing, estimated to be worth a whopping USD 1.7 billion, is captured by Indian service providers. Even after the major upheaval of the US economy when outsourced services to India was under duress, the outsourced e-publishing services continued to flourish.
OPS are relied upon heavily by the education and legal sector, large corporates and magazines. Though the trends for 2010 did not project a colourful image for OPS,scientific, technical and medical publishing segment has immense scope.

The advent of internet and the opportunities it opened up to enable outsourced publishing services is huge. Digital content creation, e-learning, e-publishing, emergence of electronic gadgets like smartphones,iPads, Tablets, etc have contributed to the increasing popularity of the service globally.

Reasons for India is preferred for OPS

Having said all, there is a whole host of reasons why India is a preferred destination for OPS.

  • Tech savvy literate population in the US and the European countries where the ease of conducting business activities helps counter the cultural barriers, and thereby helping the Indian service providers an entry point.

  • The Indian techies surpass their counterparts from China, Australia and Philippines and contribute to USD 500 Million in revenue in the OPS space .
  • Mobile publishing and Online publishing are supported by the Indian OPS providers by offering 24/7 service, better content and quality design works. Needless to say, content is the driving force and the companies that offer better content that is plagiarism free go a long way in this industry.
  • When Pearson Education whose workforce was 40k+ strong, reduced their strength by over 10%, it was reiterating the fact that outsourcing is indeed economical without compromising on quality.
  • Indians are among the early adopters of new technologies and the edge it gives them when compared to their counterparts is amazing. When these tech savvy job seekers who are freelancers and entrepreneurs and are interested in the publishing industry, the whole equation shifts in favor of the OPS in India.

The technology advancement , new and added software features and novelty of social media contents etc. demands from the OPS workforce to stay updated and consistently deliver better and relevant content and design. OPS may not prove to hold much of a value added proposition per se, but when 75-85% of marketing depends on efficient content and design. India hods a good position among OPS providers with its best talent pool and ability to deliver fast and better content to an ever changing publishing industry world wide.