Photographs in the e-commerce industry have to be clear, crisp, and worth a thousand words to cast the right impact on customers. These days, successful e-commerce portals are opting for different types of image restoration and retouching services to increase their sales. They are handling their large repositories of photographs (both single product images and e-catalogues) with the latest image editing tools provided by retouching professionals. You may also want to go the same way to make your product pictures speak aloud for themselves.
Read on for more information on clipping paths, photo retouching, fashion retouching, colour swapping, multiple masking, and colour correction to make your products look ‘picture perfect.’

Importance of Photo Retouching in E-commerce

It’s said that perfect product images are impossible to click. However, it is possible to make your products look alluring and purchase-worthy through technology-enabled photo retouching means. Given their numerous benefits, photo-editing, image clipping, image masking, and picture restructuring services are being availed by most online store owners on the double. Here’s why:

  • Professional photo retouching enhances a product by removing all blemishes, scratches, dust spots, or other marks that may lessen its visual appeal.
  • Model retouching services include skin polishing, removal of tattoos, body and colour improvements, body sculpting adjustments, and background editing with the aim of increasing the focus on e-commerce products. Usually, the Photoshop patch tool is used by experts for removing scars, stray hairs, veins in eyes, redness of the skin, age spots, and other tell-tale marks from the images of fashion models.
  • Colour correction tools can make any dull photo pop up. For instance, graphic designers use curve layer masks on top of exposure layer masks to get better control over RBG channels. In certain cases, when the metering in the images isn’t quite perfect, they use levels layer masks for advanced colour correction.
  • Improper image backgrounds may cause your products to look listless and devoid of appeal. Image retouching also involves the removal or enhancement of unappealing backgrounds to make e-commerce products look more attractive to customers.
  • Ghost or hollow mannequin effects are mainly used for showcasing products in the apparel and fashion accessories industry. These restoration and retouching tools do away with the need for human figures to display your products.
  • Photo retouching professionals utilize images shot from multiple angles to enable e-commerce product display in 360° Rich Media or Packshot Animation Video.
  • Image editing service providers eliminate blurry margins and rough edges with deep etching tools to make product images look flawless. Their innovative clipping path and background removal tools result in perfectly clipped images to draw the attention of prospective buyers.
Hire Photo Restoration & Retouching Services in India

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