As we head to 2021, let’s understand the latest trends in image editing and apply it in your business for the best results.

What is the perfect way to edit photos? There is no one-size-fits-all approach here. The recommended technique would be the one that makes the photos most attractive and appealing to the customers. The images on your website have a big say in the brand image. So, it is important to maintain high quality and consistency throughout your images. Some of the emerging photography editing trends can help you to create captivating and distinct images and make your mark in the digital world.

Image editing trends for 2021 and beyond

The global photo editing market was USD 843.8 million in 2019 and would touch USD 1183.8 million by 2026. Image editing techniques are becoming increasingly complex with the advancements in digital photography. There are many photo editing software available today that are advanced to perform tasks such as removing unwanted objects from the background, enhancing the exposure, or retouching the subject, etc at the click of a button. The arena of image editing is set to undergo a drastic transformation in the coming years and would simplify the process tremendously.

Let’s examine the popular image editing trends in 2021 and understand the best applications of these trends in your photography.

  • Clean editing or no filter – Earlier we used to prefer images with the perfect finish. No acne, no blemish, and perfect faces. This trend is changing and people now want to watch the real things. They consider clean pictures as unrealistic and untouched. So, there is no need to use clean editing in 2021. Just apply a minor change to the saturation, contrast, or lighting to make the image look appealing and that should be enough.
  • Retro & Vintage – The retro and vintage look is gaining immense popularity. Many people like the classic look that brings nostalgia to their minds. The retro and vintage look makes your photos look old and warm. Grainy texture, warm sepia-like colors, VHS filters, and vignettes are some of the popular effects used to get such a look.
  • High flash – Certain images would be over flashed and hence look unnatural. Rather than retouching such images, you can make them look more natural by simply increasing the contrast. This makes the pictures vivid and crisp. The technique is ideal for night shots.
  • Matte effect – Give the photos a slightly washed-out and soft look using a matte finish. This will eliminate the vibrant colors and sharp contrast in the images and make them look moody and casual. You can apply this to a wedding photoshoot or portrait and give it a book-style impression.
  • Soft and natural – Most Instagram feeds, fashion brands, and lifestyle blogs now use neutral and light beige pastels. This gives a simple and elegant look to the photos. You can give your photos an airy look by avoiding high contrast and overexposure. Keep the color tone slightly warm and keep it natural.
  • Artistic effects – You can unleash your creativity on the photos by using various artistic effects such as glitter, brushstrokes, ornamentation, and stickers. Rather than the soft and natural look, you can experiment with any style and make the images eye-catching.
  • High contrast – Here you can apply high-level contrast and make your images look vivid. The trick adds vibrancy and extra saturation to the colors, making the photo look very clear.


The above trend will take image editing to new levels in 2021. Keep these in mind while you edit the images and suit the one that suits your personality and requirements. For best results, you can outsource the photography editing requirements to professional service providers like SBL and simplify the process.