We all know that good employees are hard to find, so when you do find them, you want to make sure they stay. Here are 5 ways to show appreciation to your best employees.

“Take time to appreciate employees and they will reciprocate in a thousand ways.” – Bob Nelson.

Have you ever seen an employee go above and beyond what their job description entails?
Or perhaps you’ve seen an employee who has a particular skill that makes them irreplaceable?
If you’ve caught yourself nodding in agreement, you should consider how you show that appreciation to them.

For any organization, the number one goal should be to create an environment that makes the employees feel appreciated. It’s easy to take the employees for granted – and it’s easy for them to feel under-appreciated. However, no business can survive without a team of hard-working employees.

That’s why it’s important to appreciate your employees and motivate them to perform better. .

Why you should show appreciation to your employees

Appreciation is about realizing an individual’s intrinsic value and qualities. Genuine employee appreciation creates happy employees in the workplace who works harder and is more loyal to the company. Employee appreciation is directly related to job satisfaction and employee morale. 

Showing your employees that you care can increase motivation and innovation. When employees know that their hard work is valued and recognized, it motivates them to maintain and improve their results. Appreciation can also improve professional ethics. Expressing gratitude to employees will have a cumulative effect since employees who feel valued are more likely to appreciate colleagues and other team members. 

In addition to increasing productivity, the sense of appreciation shown in the workplace can also increase employee engagement. All this can reduce the employee turnover and improve the overall organizational productivity.  

How to show appreciation to your best employees

In order to show your appreciation to your employees, the best thing you can do is to demonstrate an authentic and genuine appreciation for them. You can do this through your words as well as your actions.

  1. Express through words – Provide prompt appreciation for a good job. This may be just a thank you, or it may be positive feedback. Identify the specific actions that were exemplary and mention it in the compliment. This will help to emphasize the activities that employees should perform more frequently. And don’t forget to say “please” often since everyone appreciates a polite, polite and civilized workplace.
  2. Flexible working hours – The freedom to choose their working hour is an advantage that employees constantly want. When you allow flexible working hours you make employees feel trusted and thereby increases their sense of responsibility at work. It will also boost their happiness since they gain better work-life balance.
  3. Offer personalized gifts – Fully understand the interests of your employees and provide small gifts from time to time. Precious gifts and gestures increase their bonding to the organization. You can also issue greeting cards for special occasions like birthdays or work anniversaries. 
  4. Contact often – Ensure that you communicate with your employees regularly as these interactions are actually valuable contact points to connect with them and increase their sense of belonging at workplace. Appreciate their work and make it a point to offer words of encouragement during the interactions.
  5. Offer growth opportunities – Employees want to know what impact the future will have on their careers. When managers spend time discussing growth potential or providing “extended” opportunities and tasks, employees will interpret this as evidence that they are valued. Always try to offer a work environment where employees get learning opportunities to advance their career.


Expressing appreciation should be a daily activity in any organization. Do not wait until the annual performance review to recognize employees. Instead, motivate them by regularly showcasing their achievements.  It’s important to show your appreciation through actions, but you also need to be vocal about your appreciation. Build a culture of appreciation Empower your employees and be a firm believer in the value of one another. Offer open feedback for everything from employee performance to office dynamics. Develop a positive company where employees are appreciated for their merit. Your employees will reciprocate by working harder to make your company a better place.

Sowparnika H J
HR Manager