Customer service influences repeat purchases and improves the brand reputation. Success of an eCommerce store largely depends on the quality of customer service. This article highlights the tactics to follow for improving the customer service of eCommerce stores.

Shopping is evolving with the penetration of technology and the internet. Today, people prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes through the various eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. eCommerce is growing to become a lucrative business, and this is inviting more players to enter the segment, thereby increasing the competition in the sector.

How do various eCommerce stores differentiate themselves and create an impact in the customer’s mind? Apart from the factors like price, and quality, eCommerce stores now recognize the role of exceptional customer service as a leading brand differentiator. Customer support for eCommerce is evolving to include support across omni channel platforms and deliver superior customer experience.

What is meant by eCommerce customer service?

Ecommerce customer service is all about enhancing the customer experience across multiple channels while they interact with the brand over the internet. It includes all activities carried out by the business to make things easy for the customer right from helping them make online purchases to resolving the customer issues. The ultimate aim is to create a seamless customer experience and improve their brand loyalty.

Importance of eCommerce customer service

Excellent customer services can build trust and confidence among customers. This increases customer loyalty and brings repeat purchases. It is more economical for eCommerce stores to get repeat purchases from existing customers than gain new customers. So, providing excellent customer service and keeping existing customers happy plays a vital role in the long-term sustainability of the business.

Dissatisfied customers can ruin the reputation of a brand beyond repair because of the easy availability of various online platforms where they can share negative reviews or post comments. Negative customer reviews will cause loss of sales because of its potential to reach a wide audience within a short time.

How to improve the eCommerce customer service of your store?

Most eCommerce stores are focusing on improving the communication with their customers to provide them a seamless experience. Here are some effective methods to improve the customer service of your eCommerce store.

  • Create a knowledge base for customer self-service – Customers can make informed purchase decisions by accessing the knowledge base. This encourages self-service and brings down the support volume. The knowledge base must have all required information presented through easily understandable tutorials, faqs, return policies, and many more.
  • Increase automation – To provide excellent customer support you must automate majority of the transactions like order confirmations, shipping notifications, and receipts. Automation should also carry a personal touch to engage with the customers.
  • Provide fast response – Customers prefer quick response and speedy resolution of issues. However, this should not be done by compromising the service quality. Provide your customers fast services that are consistent across all channels and maintain the same level of service quality.
  • Focus on personalization – Many times customers look for expert support and a personalized approach. Often customers abandon a business or purchase simply because it lacks personalization. For lasting customer loyalty, eCommerce stores must pay attention to personalizing their support and communications.


Customer service is emerging as the backbone of a successful ecommerce store. If you are looking to improve your customer support and increase ecommerce customer satisfaction, the above steps would help you a lot. Another quick solution is to outsource your customer support to reputed service providers like SBL. This will eliminate the hassles involved in setting up an efficient support system and help you manage the process smoothly.