Crafting an excellent email support strategy is a cost-effective method to boost customer satisfaction. Here are some quick tips for revamping your email support services that help to increase customer loyalty.

Emails are a simple and easy option for customers to contact the support department and get their issues resolved fast. Studies show that around 54% of customers prefer shooting an email than calling customer support. However, many businesses ignore this channel of customer contact and focus completely on phone support. Outsourcing the email support services also support companies to create an excellent email support system for the customers.

Companies must ensure that the customer’s experience while using the email support services remains hassle free. We have provided you a few tips for improving your email support services drastically.

Tips for improving email support services

Today’s customers expect speedy assistance and quick resolution of issues. Your email support has to be flexible to meet the ever-changing demands of the customers. Get started with the following guidelines.

  • Decide the support style – You have to decide the tone and voice you will use during your interactions with the customer. The entire email support team has to stick to the same style during every customer interaction. Create a set of guidelines for the team to follow and refer to regularly during their daily work. The guidelines would include clear specifications on the conversational style, language, and method of dealing with customer issues.
  • Personalization of emails – Customers always appreciate the personal touch. They would prefer to receive emails that address them by their name. Avoid sending automated emails to customers as it can create a distance and aloofness. Establish familiarity in the emails and make your customers feel welcomed.
  • Automate the process – There could be instances where you need to balance automation and personalization. Companies often need to offer 24/7 customer support and have to handle a long queue of requests. In such cases automated response would be ideal. There are also scenarios where customers have repeating issues that are best handled through automated support. When you automate your support system, you reduce the workload on your support staff and improve their efficiency. An important consideration here is that the messages should follow a standard pattern consistently. For improving the cost-efficiency you can try email outsourcing services.
  • Acknowledge the customer’s problem – When drafting an email response to a support request, always acknowledge the customer’s problem and restate it in the introduction. This clearly conveys the message that you have understood their issue and will put the customer at ease. Maintain a positive tone throughout the email so that the customer receives an empathetic treatment.
  • Give instructions in ELI5 technique – Customers might be clueless about the intricacies of the product. Explain the concept in simple language and provide them clear instructions. Use the ELI5 technique (Explain It Like I’m Five) to provide instructions and also include screenshots and other images in your communication.
  • Collect customer feedback – After you resolve a customer issue collect feedback from them to understand their experience. This will equip your team with the crucial information that is required to improve the email support system.


Customers use email as a preferred mode to raise concerns or report issues. It is important that you make this channel of communication simple and effective. You can introduce the above changes in your customer support network to improve its efficiency. A good option is to try email outsourcing to save costs and increase overall operational efficiency.

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