Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), which are technology-backed, flexible and rapid acquisition systems, are contributing to environmental survey tasks and urban development projects in a big way. They are used in varied remote sensing applications. From crop monitoring to accident reporting to mining planning activities, geospatial devices are responsible for processing large volumes of data in record time.

These devices provide cost-effective and innovative solutions to companies hiring UAV data processing services. They are extremely helpful in fetching high-resolution acquisitions in inaccessible, constricted and small areas. Today, geospatial solutions are enabling organizations to get on top of their data handling concerns to become more productive and profitable.

Be it for acquiring rich data of farmlands, or handling data for mining projects, UAVs offer affordable acquisition capacities in a timely manner. The technology-enabled UAV data processing services offered by reliable geospatial service providers help the cause effectively.

For example, the UAV image processing services provided by the GIS team at SBL Corp takes care of the challenges of delivering high accuracy DSM, DTM, ortho images. The DEM/DTM services provided by them acquire and manage 2D land use land cover features to complement raw UAV, GCPs and IMU data. Overall, their geospatial services are benefiting clients by processing large quantities of image data in optimum turnaround time.

Recently, the GIS team at SBL successfully handled the challenges faced by a UK based mining firm having its operational areas in Congo, Africa. The challenges lay in the acquisition and handling of voluminous data, along with the planning of mining activities. The presence of rigorous mining terrains led to certain areas being without GCPs, thereby adding to the woes of SBL’s geospatial expert team. Additionally, the execution team found it difficult to match the edges of previously existing data of the client, as acquired in a different time period, with the latest ones.

To provide the most suitable solutions, the UAV data processing services provided by SBL were aligned with the needs of the client’s CSR activities and mining environment. Resultantly, digital terrains models were created after the aerial triangulation results were verified, edited and edge matched with previous data sets. In addition, the ortho- rectified images were also colour balanced and edge matched with earlier sets to enable land use land cover mapping. These and other UAV techniques were put into place to handle the requirements of one of the most prominent large area GIS projects attributed to SBL Corp.

Why Should you Hire a Geospatial Service Provider?

A geospatial solution provider addresses the development of integrated and collaborative GIS solutions. They do so by driving and promoting various business, consumer and societal benefits. Avail the many benefits of DEM/DTM services provided by SBL Corp. Hire their UAV data processing services for your geospatial needs. Overcome bottlenecks with SBL’s expert geospatial data collection techniques and solutions. Regardless of the type of GIS service you wish to hire – image processing services, geo-terrain based and mapping services or BIM services – they provide it all. Get in touch with a GIS consultant at SBL Corp, today.