Organizing an event is not an easy task. To say the least, it is an overwhelming job that can get from bad to worse very quickly if all the things are not in order. If you have been given the responsibility of orchestrating a company event or conference, you will need to select the venue, the food, speakers, security, decoration, coordinate with third-party vendors and so on. There’s simply so much to handle that you might feel exhausted and frustrated. However, you are in luck. SBL’s SmartCONF is a cloud-based, self-managed, simple and customizable framework that solves event management woes and makes it smooth and easier for the organizer.

Everyone is fully aware of the time and effort that goes into organizing an event or conference. The need for an all-inclusive, innovation solution to take care of all event management woes gave way to SmartCONF and this framework is capable of managing every aspect of organizing an event. From budgeting to scheduling time and hours, selecting the venue to acquiring the necessary approvals from the authorities, getting the required resources like, conference rooms, printers, laptops, whiteboards, projectors, Internet and markers to coordinating with third-party vendors for the arrangement of parking, transportation, entertainers, speakers, décor, security, catering and so on.

Here, take a look at some of the features SmartCONF that make this software a favorite among event organizers.

  • Event inventory management: The cloud-based software handles requests, manages orders and processes payments without any delays or errors. The software is specifically created for event venues, caterers and other event businesses. It helps organizers to stay connected seamlessly with other parts of the organizational process.
  • Payment processing: The software makes processing of payment to vendors and other third-parties convenient, simple and hassle-free. It prevents delays and errors by accepting payments in the form of debit and credit cards, along with other online payment methods.
  • Invitations and notifications: Sending manual invitation is a tiresome task and there is always a chance that some important client or dignitary failed to receive an invitation. With the help of SmartCONF, you can send event invitations to all of the guests in just a few clicks. You will also get notifications of the persons who have received the invitation, along with their RSVP.
  • Event promotion activities: Just planning an event is not enough, it also needs promotion. This cloud-based software with even promotion feature will make sure that your event gets noticed by a large group of people over the Internet. You will also be able to reach out to millions of people, via social media channels.
  • How do organizers benefit from SmartCONF?

  • Simplifies the entire process of arranging and executing an event or conference
  • Payments are cleared quickly and without any hassle
  • Saves a lot of time in organizing an event
  • Every aspect of the event can be seamlessly managed and handled through a smartphone
  • Increases productivity and the level of satisfaction among the attendees to the event

SmartCONF is a must-have software for your upcoming conference, exhibition or any kind of event.