The process of classifying and indexing present day documents is fairly easy. However, storing historical documents such as birth/death records, parish details and marriage records in different and in old fashioned writing styles can be complex and challenging. Often these archived records are handwritten, writing style incomprehensible, lacks clarity and they do not fit into any standard templates.

But it is important to extract, index, and digitize these records to unlock the information trapped within these manuscripts. Cleaning and breaking down the information hidden in the dog eared paper based files and making them available for larger consumption is crucial.

With the advent of smart digital technologies in document preservation and storage, organization leverage data transcription solutions such as digitization, scanning, indexing, preservation and automation of the required information often in multi languages.

Organizations are turning to trusted scanning services to convert many of their ancient documents into digital formats that are easy to store and retrieve quickly. Also digitizing these key records enables them to be accessed from anywhere and indexing affords easy search facility. And the flexibility that comes with scanning permits for the entire book/photo/manuscript to be captured without any size limitations. Imaging allows capturing the paper based records into graphical images which can be indexed and searched as well.

SBL has ten years of experience in transcribing historical hand written documents into electronic formats. It has successfully digitized billions of age-old records dating back to 1700 AD with unerring accuracy and quality.