Sitting in the comfort of your home, but shopping for dozens of things online is today’s trend of young and old alike. Ecommerce retailers are making the most of this shopping drift, and luring consumers online with big and bold pictures.

However, most E-commerce retailers are invariably challenged in ensuring they get high quality, neatly cropped, and digitally enhanced images to upload. E-Commerce retailers should perform a reality check to view the images from a customer mind-set and be aware of the exact quality of the image.

Poor quality images directly impact the buying decision of the consumer and the brand image of the business. Poor picture clarity confuses the buyer and their decision making suffers. Secondly, the image of your organization takes a severe beating and consumers get put off.

Coming to the rescue of such E-commerce sites grappling with this issue is photo image editing. Photo image editing tackles few key aspects such as size, zoom, background, shadow, alignment, angle, colour and accessories thus making the image top notch.

Big images with a zoom in functionality allow the buyer to understand the product better and shadows gives the requisite depth almost imparting the feeling of nearness. Colour and background are extremely crucial and the image should reflect the actual colour of the product and must be set in a clear background.

If E-commerce retailers pay attention to image editing then sales conversions and brand image is sure to increase manifold.