When geospatial services are talked about in the recent past and companies began investing their efforts and resources, most people were skeptical about it. Some thought it is going to never take off and it is very impractical to find a use other than in military applications.

Well, here we are couple of years later, realizing the potential of geospatial services and how great it can be if intelligent and committed minds can get behind it.

One of the most important traits of geospatial service is that the application of the same is endless. The only thing we needed in the first place was the push and we found it in the following ways;

  • Remote sensing
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Global Positioning System
  • Internet Mapping Technologies

The application of geospatial technology has only begun but as the world has seen the potential of the same, it is here to say.

When unmanned aerial vehicles—big or small—have been used to ascertain the damage caused by hurricanes such as Harvey and Irma, insurance companies were the first ones to follow suit. It helped them considerably get the details about the disaster brought upon the US all the while ensuring the safety of their human resource and improving the efficiency.

It also enables the insurance agencies to not only make their operations efficient but also financially viable than using private aircrafts to carry out the process of damage assessment. This is not restricted to insurance agencies alone; government agencies, humanitarian organizations and search and rescue teams also can benefit from using drones for a range of purposes as technology develops.

The application of radar technology on these drones to assess the damage of overpasses, bridges, towers and other vital infrastructure can also prove to be extremely effective in situations of great peril.

There is no doubt that with the applications of geospatial technology being used in the real life other than military application, the commercial prospects of the same are only being reinvigorated and without any doubt, businesses that offer geospatial services are undoubtedly here to stay.

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