Improving the look of your e-commerce website requires that you invest time and effort into image editing. Regardless of whether you are a newbie or a professional, you might have many doubts on how to proceed with editing the images. Ecommerce websites require high-quality attractive images for capturing the customer’s attention, for which commercial photo editing is mandatory. Here is a compilation of some frequently asked questions on image editing for e-commerce websites.

Ecommerce image editing

We hope these answers help you edit your images perfectly and create a stunning website.

  1. I am thinking of revamping my website. What are the image editing techniques I can use to enhance the photos of my e-commerce website?
  2. Working on the look of the images is a brilliant choice for bringing more traffic and conversions. You can enhance your product images by using these techniques.

    • Image sharpening – Unless a true professional handles the photo shoot, most photographs end up having out-of-focus images. The image sharpening technique will help you correct this. Photoshop makes the process easy with its Smart Sharp Filter and Unsharp Mask. By sharpening the photos you can enhance the visual vibrancy of the images.
    • Noise reduction – At times the quality of an image is significantly reduced by the noise that might occur while capturing the image or transmission. This could happen if you captured the image in high ISO or dim light. Gaussian noise, speckle noise, salt and pepper noise, and poisson noise are the common types of noise that affect image quality. You can effectively remove these noises by applying the noise removal filters available in most image editing software.
    • Black and white conversion – Have you felt that certain product photos look attractive when displayed in black and white? You can use the black and white conversion technique to change the color photos into monochromatic or grayscale images.
    • Background removal – The background has a big role in deciding the appeal of the image. You need the customers to focus on the product and not on the background. The best technique is to use background removal to edit all the distracting items and replace them with a white or black background.

  3. I would like to make my product image look more realistic. Is there any technique for that?
  4. Yes, there are many ways to give your products the real-life look.

    • You can try the drop shadow technique. For this, first, you should remove the background and replace it with a white background. Then you can use the drop shadow technique and create a fake shadow of the object.
    • Another widely used technique is the mirror effect. Adding a reflection to your product photo will make it look natural. If you cannot naturally capture a reflection, you can easily add this to the photo using the mirror effect.
  5. I have an apparel section in my store. But conversions are not good as most customers abandon the website after looking at the products. What is the best way to display apparel to increase conversions?
  6. The manner you display the apparels have a big say on the sales. To display apparels attractively, most e-commerce stores use the ghost mannequin technique. Here the garments are captured by putting it on a mannequin. Later the mannequin alone is removed using image editing. This will make the garments appear realistic and give your customers the feel of wearing them.

  7. I have a single product of different colors. Do I need to capture multiple images? Is there any easy fix to change the colors?
  8. Yes, it is possible. If you have captured a good photo of the product there are many image editing techniques to provide you with multiple variants of the photo. You can use color correction to change the color of the product and fix the color tone, saturation, and contrast. This method helps to save the cost of taking multiple photos of the same product.

  9. What are the best image editing tools I can use?
  10. There are excellent tools available in the market to help you edit your e-commerce photos. You can try Picasa, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP,, Adobe Lightroom, iPhoto, or Snapseed. We recommend that you also consult a professional service provider to get the best results for your e-commerce store.

  11. Why should I use image editing services of SBL? What makes you stand out?
  12. SBL is an established image editing service provider serving many e-commerce stores across the globe and holds CMMI-DEV ML 3, ISO 9001-2015, ISO 27001 certifications for quality. We use the latest tools to deliver high-quality images for our customers. Our team includes industry experts with vast and in-depth experience in image editing. We guarantee you the fastest turnaround time and competitive rates. Our repeated customer base and word-of-mouth testimonials prove that we deliver the best.