Technology has come a long way as a means to improve the efficiency of various complex and intricate operations from being a mere tool to make computation faster. As technology has grown into unimaginable levels and seeped into everything one can think of, it has brought newer ways and means to effectively manage various governance activities from diverse verticals which define the entry of eParliament .

Into the lore comes the revolutionary eParliament , which is a technology-driven enterprise management system carefully conceived to automate and improve the efficiency of parliament and legislative houses in the best way possible.

How eParliament can revitalize the management of parliament and legislative houses?

In the grand scheme of democratic activities, managing the lawmaking houses is a harder job in itself than anyone would have ever thought of. However, as technology has been conceived to bring exemplary changes in all facets of life, it can also bring unmatched efficiency and effectiveness in managing everything about parliament and legislative houses.

Let us see, the benefits of eParliament;

  • Great efficiency – It brings great efficiency in managing the daily activities of various lawmaking bodies in the best ways possible as it is able to ward off any lag that might happen with traditional management methodologies.
  • Paperless – The whole process is made paperless saving a lot of space, environment friendly and is quite comfortable and manageable.
  • Automation – Automating the monotonous process in legislative mechanism improves the system efficiency and let people focus on more important task than the less important activities.
  • Public Participation – Interaction of public with the parliament is made easier.
  • Transparency and Consolidation – The solution offers a range of capabilities for the people and the lawmakers to create a centralized repository of everything that transpires in legislative bodies and brings in exceptional degree of accountability.
  • Data Protection – The solution brings excellent protection of data by incorporating intelligent data security and access control systems.
  • Improved Efficiency – As the running and governance of legislative houses become incredibly automated, it helps reduce data redundancy, process repetition, storage and printing cost along with inefficient human intervention.
  • Multilingual Capability – As an in-built capability eParliament brings efficient multilingual capabilities.

The features of eParliament
To drive excellent value for the users, eParliament has been created incorporating excellent and value-adding traits such as;

  • Integration of multi-department and application ecosystem to tether the activities of various departments covering question answer processing, several committee activities, paper laying , cabinet meetings , agenda preparations, bill processing audits etc.
  • Room for effective government functionary supervision
  • Mobile application capabilities to follow up constituency developmental issues
  • Citizen interaction facilities for quicker and efficient grievance redressal
  • Intelligent search engine integration to search, find and retrieve diverse types of public and government documents.

All these features are carefully integrated into the eParliament system to warrant excellent value for money for everyone involved. There is no doubt that by implementing and making use of the capabilities offered by eParliament, legislative bodies can improve the efficiency by all means.

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