Make your real estate website picture-perfect with professional real estate photo editing services. The quality of the property photos makes conversions easy. This article takes you through some essential facts you should know about real estate photo editing.

Real estate photo editing companies

Poor quality photos can lead to a higher abandonment rate. But still many real estate companies do not give photo editing its due importance. Today, many visitors make their buying decisions online mainly based on the property images. To stand out from your competitors, you must ensure that the property images on your real estate website are classy and enticing. Real estate photo editing services can do wonders on your photos with effects like color enhancement, background removal, improved lighting, and so on.

Why do I need photo editing services? Is it not sufficient to capture good photos using sophisticated equipment? No, you are wrong.

Photography might not always produce the expected results, even with the best professional and equipment. There could be several issues like poor lighting, unwanted background elements, and shadows that can spoil the look of the photos. You need the guidance of expert real estate photo editing companies to help you eliminate these imperfections and transform the photos into attractive and selling points of your website.

Before you begin working on the property photos, go through the below-mentioned pointers to know the basics of real estate photo editing.

The basics you should know about real estate photo editing

There is a big difference in enhancing an image correctly to overdoing it to the point of deceiving the buyer. After a look at the images, your buyer would do a site visit. He might be utterly disappointed if the property conveys a poor quality from what was depicted in the photos. This could damage the reputation of your real estate website beyond repair as reviews and testimonials carry a high weightage in the real estate industry. And worse, you might even get into legal trouble for misrepresentation.

Follow these guidelines while you enhance your property images.

  • Professional photography
    Hire a professional photographer to capture the images, as properties are always difficult to photograph. For an accurate representation of the home, you need professional skills to help you. The quality of the photos forms the base for enhancing it further.
  • Choose the right frame
    Capture the images in the right frame. Avoid showing too much sky or grass as this could distract the attention away from the home. It would also make the property appear smaller than its actual size.
  • Do not delete any permanent features or fixtures
    The images should retain the permanent features of the property. Else, it might be considered misrepresentation. You can think of alternative solutions like shooting from angles to minimize the effect of the unwanted features. But never delete them digitally. Similarly, do not alter any relevant background elements. A telephone post or a railway track shouldn’t be altered to beautiful greenery. The buyer would want to make his decision based on accurate facts.
  • Emphasize the positives
    The purpose of photographs is to attract buyers. Capture the images from the best angle and frame to enhance the positive aspects of the property. You can do edits to emphasize the positives or selling points of the property. For instance, changing the background like a cloudy sky to a blue one is fine and would make the property look impressive. You can crop the image to attract attention to the property than the surroundings. Again, a vertical correction would help to transform the final look of the image.

There are many points to consider while doing photo editing for real estate. Do not edit the photos to mislead the buyer. However, minor additions like flowers in the vase or a glowing fire in the fireplace are allowed to increase the appeal. The best way to edit your real estate photos without crossing the legal boundaries would be to hire real estate photo editing companies.

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