The SBL family bond remains strong even during the lockdowns. The diverse employee engagement activities kept us connected with each other during these testing times. Read on for an interesting insight into the employee engagement activities at SBL during the lockdown.

employee engagement strategies

Keeping the employees engaged and connected during lockdowns is a new challenge as the entire team is working remotely.

The pandemic and the sudden shift to remote working shook the confidence and morale of the employees in all organizations. Many found the home atmosphere a tough space to focus on the work. It was difficult initially as they had to juggle between the demands of the family and the job. Coupled with this, the panic and anxiety of a possible financial or health crisis took a toll on their performance. The human resources department of the companies had to wake up to the challenge and introduce novel methods to address the situation.

SBL approached the unexpected crisis from multiple angles. We started fine-tuning the efforts right from the initial days of the lockdown. Our techniques involved a threefold approach of providing authentic information on COVID-19, supporting the transition to new collaboration tools, and hosting creative employee engagement activities.

Fun and excitement continues at SBL with interesting employee engagement activities

SBL had an effective communication system to disseminate accurate information on the nature and progress of the pandemic. The regular email communication system also advises the employees on the safety measures to follow for limiting the spread of the virus.

Employees also required support to adapt to the new online collaboration platform. We provided them timely instruction manuals to get used to the new work system. The HR department also prepared work from home guidelines with pointers that would help them avoid distractions of the domestic environment and focus on work.

And how did the SBL family continue to have fun during the lockdown?

Plenty of activities were organized to keep the team connected. Here is a peek into some of the popular activities.

  • SBL ESS “Notification” – The ESS platform of SBL showcases updated information on the news, events, and activities at SBL. The platform informs the employees on the latest happenings at the office and makes them feel connected to the team. The notification page serves as a community section to share even personal events such as birthdays and anniversaries. Professional achievements are also highlighted here.

  • Online contests – Nothing can beat the fun of contests At SBL, we organize several online contests for the employees. The activities received huge participation with everyone joining in the spirit.
  • Brian teaser contest was the most popular. It had a set of riddles to answer with exciting prizes to win. Everyone had fun racking their brains over the riddles.

    The photography contest for World Environment Day was another well-received activity. The SBL family had a splendid time displaying their creative eye for photography.

    Creative moments with family was another interesting activity that received wide participation. There was a huge inflow of photos capturing time with family during work from home.

  • Newsletter for employees- The internal newsletter to connect employees was launched during the lockdown. A contest was held to name the newsletter, and all employees displayed great interest. The monthly newsletter aims to serve as a platform for the employees to share their opinions, support each other, and display their talents.
  • YouTube channel – SBL Connect, our YouTube channel is the latest addition to the employee engagement activities at SBL. It aims at branding the company in social media. Simultaneously, it also encourages employee participation in its programs and allows the employees to get engaged with the creative activities of the company.
  • Virtual R & R meet – Rewards and recognition are important for the virtual team. We have many programs to appreciate and recognize the hard work of the employees during this phase.

Such activities have helped to retain the connections during these trying times of social distancing and lockdowns.The crisis and distance need not separate anyone. Let’s have more activities pouring in to keep the team spirit and fun alive.