When digitization sophisticates each nook and corner of the industrial arena, the government can’t stay aloof, being the torch bearers of all inventions and its implementations. Digitization though voluntarily or involuntarily has helped in conserving the nature, as to a great extent it helps in paperless transactions. The digital signatures (DS) and its validity is all part of such a paperless revolution. Scrutinizing the virtues SBL, one of the sought after IT organizations from Infopark, Kochi, designed a fully functional e-governance solution, e-Vidhan and was primarily instigated at the Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha, making it the first high-tech legislative house in India.

The ways in which e-Vidhan makes a paperless legislative process possible, are as follows:
It fully automates the entire operations of the legislative assembly on day-to-day basis.

  • Every record of the assembly proceedings will be maintained online for everybody’s reference, conserving time and energy.
  • Every legislative member will have a touchscreen computer system before, allowing him/her to introduce bills, answer the respectively directed queries and lay various reports, making the whole proceedings entirely paperless.
  • Each and every member can cast their votes electronically, from their screen itself.
  • Beyond the MLAs e-Vidhan also assists the media by sending out real-time updates to the media room electronically, waning the ostensible mess.
  • A user will be authenticated through his DSC (Digital Signature Certificates), ensuring flawless and paperless proceedings
  • It is also open from the public to access the information, at the end of every session day, as it publishes the proceeding details instantly.

Being a democratic country which is formed of, by and for the people, governmental digitization too has to upkeep the pellucidity. Gone are those days where you see long queues with people holding a bundle of papers and government offices with dusty cupboards filled with termite chewed files. E-legislature is one more step forward towards an elite economical and paperless maneuver. The e-governance mobile applications further keep the information handy and accessible from anywhere and anytime, eradicating even the silent atrocities like corruption. Thus e-Vidhan the e-governance solution from SBL, not only materialized paperless legislative process, but also laid a milestone for bettering up India, through digital means, indeed a revolution that can be studied, followed and implemented not only in the legislatives or government offices but in all our day-to-day proceedings.