One thing remains a constant in this ever changing, fast paced world – it is the need to upskill, crossskill and reinvent oneself to remain competitive and relevant. Organizations are investing on providing training solutions to their employees starting from the basic Personality Development programs to all the way up to cutting edge technical courses and sales and marketing learning modules.

But how are these programs delivered in the current corporate world? Instructor Led Training programs or Classroom based sessions are a thing of the past. Technology enabled learning that provides an immersive and inclusive learning experience to employees is the game changer in the present day training scenario.

The employee on the go is able to attend a training program simply with his/her handheld, and a series of quizzes, simulations, games, tests, webcasts, podcasts ensure that the learning program is rich and assure knowledge retention.

While the basic training content is the same, the innovation lies in the delivery of the training content. With several useful digital communication and collaboration tools, an innovative style of delivery becomes a natural extension to training.

E-learning programs are cost effective as there are no infrastructure overheads and it can be delivered quickly allowing the employees the flexibility to access it from anywhere and refer to the content later as well. Additionally, it allows them to learn at their own pace without having to depend on instructors.

Professionally competent employees boost productivity and stay motivated and loyal to the organization, therefore there is reduced employee turnover.