Accurate forecasting of floods can help governments to anticipate the disasters, and implement mitigation strategies in advance. SBL has successfully handled several projects that use spatial data to create Digital Surface Models and Digital Terrain Models and forecast such natural disasters. This article throws light on our prestigious and well appreciated Scotland Wales Heights project to support the flood mitigation measures in Scotland and Wales.

flood mitigation

The global weather pattern has been erratic and unpredictable. Global warming and pollution are wreaking havoc on the delicate natural balance. We see floods and famines happening at an alarming frequency worldwide. This brings the need to put in place appropriate disaster management measures using spatial data.

Forecasting capabilities are essential to have preventive measures running to mitigate the impact of such a crisis. The geographic information system is proving to be an invaluable tool for gathering location intelligence and creating accurate geographic maps to aid in informed decision-making.

Extreme climates are becoming common in both developed and developing countries. If we take the case of the United Kingdom, it is one country that has been most affected by extreme weather in the last decade. Unseasonal storms and flooding have ravaged the country and it raised the need to initiate effective flood mitigation measures by the government.

Scotland and Wales Heights Project

The UK has been witnessing moderate to severe flooding in the past few years. The flood risk areas of England and Wales are home to 5 million people. Again, 25% of the incidents are in the regions that are not designated as flood-prone. Business gets impacted in the region with 40% shutting down because of catastrophic loss. The scenario is grim and necessitates appropriate disaster management measures from the authorities.

As a part of flood management measures, the UK government decided to upgrade the flood forecasting strategies across the country. The immediate challenge before the government was to have up-to-date and accurate elevation model of the region.

Scope of the project

SBL handled the project successfully and supported the Scotland and Wales flood mitigation efforts with highly accurate GIS solutions. We have been providing 3D digital elevation models for Scotland and Wales during 2018 and 2019 that help in flood modeling, designing, and also in implementing flood mitigation measures. The project lasted from May 2018 to March 2020, and within this brief span, we created over 27000 sq km of accurate and detailed 2m Digital Surface Models and 5m Digital Terrain Models for around 26 areas in Scotland and Wales.

Challenges faced during the execution of the project

The landscape covered in the project is complex. It encompasses vast and steep forested areas and rocky coastlines. SBL handled this successfully by utilizing the latest techniques such as kriging and LiDAR classification to extract accurate spatial data from the complex terrain. We could process the densely forested areas in a short time frame using LiDAR classification.

Project Benefits

We provided the authorities with reliable and up-to-date elevation models that were used to strategize the flood mitigation and forecasting measures in Scotland and Wales. The measures devised using the spatial data services provided by SBL helped to prevent flood damage and save countless lives. Damages to properties were minimized, resulting in saving millions of pounds annually.

SBL has established a mark in spatial data services and provides end-to-end GIS solutions for both commercial and residential purposes. GIS solutions are proving to be useful in various scenarios of disaster management. Our accurate location intelligence can help authorities with reliable data to base their strategies and decisions.

We would love to assist you in your spatial data requirements of any geography. Contact us to discuss further.