and automation have made a far-reaching impact in all aspects of business
bringing in tremendous benefits. Why not extend automation to the law-making
bodies? This article examines the advantages of legislative process automation.

We live in a
digital age. Information communication and technology (ICT) is simplifying
digital interactions and bringing improved connectivity and faster workflows in
all organizations. ICT can be successfully extended to the law-making bodies to
improve their functioning by eliminating routine and improving accountability
and transparency. The concept is termed as the e-parliament system and is still
in its nascent stages.

When the lawmaking
process is digitalized or automated it can bring countless benefits to the
Government and citizens. Read on to understand more about how this
revolutionary concept can improve the efficiency of the legislative bodies.

Advantages of implementing the e-Parliament

connects the various stakeholders effectively and supports the primary law-making
process. It introduces an environmentally-friendly way of governance and brings
citizens closer to the law-making process. Hence, the e-parliament system is
hailed as a revolutionary way of strengthening democracy.

●      Integration of the stakeholders– e-Parliament
system unifies the stakeholders and processes to facilitate the flow of
information across all the departments. This makes the information readily
available and improves the speed of the decision-making process.

●      Ensures transparency – With process
automation, the functioning of the legislative bodies becomes transparent and
the public has easier access to all data. Hence,  the e-Parliament system increases the
accountability of the legislative bodies and reinforces democratic values. It
also assures that citizens from all social strata can have a say in the
law-making process. It also encourages discussions and debates among all
stakeholders for healthy policymaking.

●      Increases efficiency – Automation
eliminates the redundant process and improves the workflow by streamlining the
functions of the legislative bodies. It also interconnects all the departments
and brings smart workflows to save time.

●      Environmentally friendly – Automation of
legislative bodies can save tons of papers and reduces the felling of trees and
carbon emission. It is thus an environmentally friendly measure that serves as
a role model for the citizens. By eliminating unnecessary paperwork,
legislative bodies can also save time and speed up the decision-making.

●      Reduces cost – e-Parliament system reduces the usage
of paper and eliminates redundant processes and brings a huge reduction in
cost. Legislative bodies can also decrease the cost involved in preparing for
the sessions as the procedures are automated.

Increases public
– Legislative process automation increases public participation.
Citizens get more access to the information with legislative bodies and find it
easy to share their opinion. The weaker sections, the disabled, and even the
elderly get a chance to participate in the governance.


SBL’s eVidhaan solution to simplify the
e-Parliament process automation


is the pioneer in e-Parliament solution and has successfully implemented
eVidhaan in Himachal
Pradesh Legislative Assembly. With this solution, the HP Assembly could save
Rs. 15 crores annually and save 6000 trees. 
SBL won the highest civil service award from Govt. of Himachal Pradesh
for the exemplary initiative. 


The eVidhaan solution allows the members to log
in from any location, view the agenda, and participate in the debates and
discussions.  It is also possible to
track the attendance of the members and to assign work remotely. Document
sharing, electronic voting, and real-time communication facilities including
mobile messaging and video conferencing make this a comprehensive solution for
automating the legislative bodies. We have acquired the copyright of eVidhaan
and assures a trustworthy and reliable product.


The current
scenario of COVID-19 is bringing ‘remote functioning’ to the forefront.
Responding to this, many organizations have switched to the remote mode by
automating and digitalizing their workflows. Legislative bodies cannot stop
their functions in such crises and implementing the e-Parliament system could
be the right solution to ensure continuity.

Contact us to
know more about the advantages of our eVidhaan solution. The product is
scalable and customizable according to the requirements of the legislative