If you are serious about improving your website’s performance, increasing the conversions, or improving your SEO traffic, then you shouldn’t ignore e-commerce image optimization. Read on to get a better grasp on a few useful techniques to produce high-quality images for your e-commerce website.

Why should you think of image editing for your e-commerce website? The obvious reason is that it looks alluring and increases the possibility of creating an interest in the product and getting conversions. But the benefits of image optimization go beyond this. It has yet another crucial advantage of helping in your SEO efforts.

That’s right. Optimized images have a greater chance of showing up in Google image searches. The image searches are gaining popularity by the day, and Google image searches comprise 25.2% of the Google searches. E-Commerce websites are more product-focused and getting featured in image searches could be an excellent idea to capture your customer’s attention.

Another benefit of e-commerce image optimization is the faster page load and improved website performance that can reduce the customer abandonment rate. This can also have a great impact on your revenue.

So, if this gets you excited to optimize your e-commerce website images, here are a few tips to get you started.

Easy tips to follow for e-commerce image optimization

Regardless of whether you do it by yourself or hire an image editing service provider, these tips might help you greatly.

  1. Design a standard product layout – Your website might have several products to showcase. You can group products into groups based on their brands and create a custom layout for each group. Common elements such as borders or logo positioning can keep the same layout across all groups to promote the brand image of your store.

  2. Background removal – Removing the background or replacing it with an attractive alternate can make the product image stand out. Background removal includes eliminating anything that does not belong to the image.

  3. Enhance the colour – The appeal of the product increases when you highlight the colour features or work on its saturation. If there are multiple colour variants for the same product, you can take one picture and use photo retouching to change the colours across the other variants. By applying this method, you can ensure that the images on your website maintain consistency.

  4. Try drop shadow – Have you noticed that when you remove the background you also lose the shadow of the image? This can make the image look unreal. The fix is to use the drop shadow technique to introduce a fake shadow in the image.

  5. Add mirror effect – By adding mirror effect to your product images, you can make them look stunning and completely natural. Using this technique, a mirror reflection gets added to the image. You might find it a bit complicated to handle it, and we recommend that you seek professional service to use this effect.

  6. Apparels can use ghost mannequin– This is a highly useful technique in the apparel section. The dress is displayed in a way that it looks like a ghost is wearing it. This technique captures the photo by putting the apparel on a mannequin and then removing the mannequin completely to leave a hollow space. It enables the customers to visualize the dress as if they are wearing it.

  7. Keep the image prominent in the frame – Ideally, the product image should occupy 75% of the frame to capture the customer’s attention. You do not want other elements in the picture to distract the customer. So, adjust the frame accordingly.

  8. Add last touches – Once you are done with editing the image, give it a final look to spot any areas you have overlooked. Take a break and look at the photo later with a fresh eye and mind. You might notice inconsistent shades or some unwanted elements you missed earlier. Do a final retouch on such areas before you upload the image.

  9. Eye-catching images are just a few steps away. Try these tips while you work on improving the look and feel of your e-commerce website. Hiring a good image retouching company is an easier option as they would have access to the latest tools required for image enhancement.

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