The concept of drones has changed the landscape for a wide range of industries in recent times. Although we are still figuring out how drones can be applied productively in land survey, UAV mapping services have been in use for some time to bridge the gaps in engineering and agricultural scenarios that previously involved tedious manual labor. The demand for drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, is rapidly rising with every passing year, and the market for their robotic applications is said to touch somewhere in the vicinity of 13 billion dollars by 2025.


When you use drones with a top range GPS camera, you will have the ability to take a far more accurate survey of the land. The data density obtained using drones is much higher than those acquired through helicopters or other aerial survey tactics. In fact, the accuracy of the drone surveys can come up to 1 to 2 centimeters (0.39 – 0.79 inches).

Automatic Land Mapping

Drones can be customized to follow certain markers on the ground. By doing this, you will only have to chart out the course of the survey using the markers. You can then set the drone to automatically follow the markers and map out the area.

Detailed 3D Maps

Drones are capable of capturing data from multiple perspectives. As a result, they allow land surveyors to create more accurate 3D maps that contain far more details, provided that the sensor attached with the drone is of a high resolution. Surveyors can either use photogrammetry or LIDAR for collecting data points, which can then be converted into 3D topographical maps. Just remember that photogrammetry data can be almost 30 times that of LIDAR data.

Better Cadastral Surveys

A major factor that determines the ownership of land and properties from a legal perspective is the boundary defined in the documents. With drones, surveyors can now create highly accurate cadastral maps that have clear definite boundaries of properties.

Reach Inaccessible Regions

During surveys, it is possible that you may be forced to skip surveying a region because of its inaccessibility. But since drones can target and reach almost all terrains, UAV data processing services can generate a more comprehensive survey of the land.

Faster Workflow And More Business

With drones, land surveyors can finish the job in less time. And for those who provide UAV image processing services, this ensures that they are able to get more clients, finish more projects, and generate more profits than ever before. As per estimates, you can complete the survey of a land area around 30 times faster using a drone.