When starting on a business website, blog, or web application, you will be faced with three main choices when it comes to servers – in-house, shared and dedicated. While the first two options have their advantages, having a dedicated server will provide you with the greatest benefits and flexibility. Depending on your use, we look at five reasons why you should choose a Dedicated Server Hosting for your business.

Complete Control Over Resources

The biggest benefit of dedicated hosting is that you will have complete control over its resources. With a shared hosting, you would be forced to share the server with other third parties. As such, with dedicated hosting, you need not fret whether other websites will bottleneck components like RAM, CPU, disk space, and so on. Plus, you also won’t have to deal with slow bandwidth issues that can occur when you share the server with other users.

IP Address

A dedicated server also comes with its own unique IP address, unlike shared hosting. And this is highly beneficial when it comes to your website’s search engine rankings. If the other websites on the server are involved in any illegal activities like phishing, spamming, etc., then it is possible that they would be banned or at least red-listed by the search engines. And since you share the same IP address, this can also affect your rankings.

Zero Maintenance

If you choose to manage the server in-house, then you would have had to bear its maintenance costs. And this can easily spike up in case the server malfunctions. However, you don’t have to stress yourself with such concerns if you opt for a dedicated server hosting provider. All maintenance is handled by the provider. And no matter what issue develops on your server, you are guaranteed your uptime with third-party server management services.

Higher Security

With a dedicated server, your website and data will be far more secure from attacks and hacking attempts compared to a shared server. This is primarily because the server is only being used by you. And if your website involves any payment processing, then you should only go with dedicated hosting to minimize chances of customer data being compromised. Plus, when compared to in-house server management, a dedicated server provider will have a larger scale of operation which will allow them to implement tighter security.

Customization Options

With a shared hosting service, you are stuck with what the package offers. So, if a hosting provider allocates 2GB of RAM, then that is basically the limit with which you will have to operate. However, a dedicated server gives you full customization options. You can put in a request for more RAM, disk space, higher speeds, etc., and the hosting company will ensure that the server is customized to meet your requirements. So, if you think that you will need to keep on adding features to the server in the future, then a dedicated server is what you should be looking at.