Even when everyone makes use of geospatial intelligence, anyone hardly knows about it. In a nutshell, it is the information that enables to identify a person’s location with GPS. Using such information, a range of benefits can be drawn at personal, national and international levels. Getting the information about the shortest distance to your destination or driving through a new city is just only the beginning. As such, we bring to you the 4 most important ways to use Geospatial Intelligence.

In National Security

At a time where national security has become increasingly strenuous, Geospatial Intelligence or GEOINT can be used to track people by effectively analyzing various data sources and using cluster recognition patterns. Through various techniques such as geo-tagged tweets, drone surveillance, GPS tracked phones etc., many people’s location can be understood and necessary actions can be taken.

In Cyber Security

With the help of Geospatial Intelligence, physical locations of cyber criminals and hackers can be easily found. As such, they can be easily found and made available for prosecution. It also enables for more efficient mappable security layers such as the devices and logical and physical networks used etc.

Resource Management

Another important application of Geospatial Intelligence is to utilize the same to identify and manage natural resources throughout the planet. The locations of resources can be easily identified and information about the optimum use of these resources to reduce the impact can also be delivered.

Crisis Response and Management

In case of any crisis, disasters or natural calamity, government help and aids can be made easily available to people with the help of Geospatial Intelligence. Various mapping technology can be used to ascertain the damage and the presence of people to ensure the required support of crisis management response teams.

While these are the large-scale uses of Geospatial Intelligence, there is no doubt that various other uses of the same at diverse levels with a plethora of applications and possibilities will soon arrive.