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BIM Outsourcing – Yes or No



Building Information Modelling -Why You Should Outsource BIM Services

Building Information Modelling is spearheading the digital transformation of the construction industry. BIM helps construction professionals to visualise projects during the per-construction stage, improve clash detection, reduce risks, and achieve significant cost savings. We can see increasing usage of BIM in the construction industry with recent research projecting the BIM market to touch $4210 million by 2024.  In this context, the question of whether to outsource BIM requirements or handle them in-house becomes highly significant. 

Many construction companies experience several hurdles in terms of cost, time, technology, and resource while implementing BIM in-house. As a result, there is an increasing preference among construction companies to outsource BIM requirements.


Popular BIM services you can outsource

BIM outsourcing companies provide a number of services, among which the most popular are:

  • Modelling development and documentation which includes 3D modelling, modelling upgrade, and model rendering
  • Coordination of models and clash resolution which includes coordination of the given models, model update as per changes and model rearrangement
  • Asset management followed by construction support which includes scan to BIM and quantity check,


If you are unsure about outsourcing similar BIM requirements, continue reading to know more about how expert BIM service providers can transform your construction business.


5 reasons to outsource BIM

  1. Cost reduction – Needless to say, outsourcing BIM services allows you to save on the expense involved in hiring an in-house team and controls the operating costs. It also ensures flexibility and scalability of operations without incurring additional overhead costs for meeting spikes in business demand.
  2. Risk mitigation – When you outsource your BIM requirements, you get the support of specialists who can efficiently handle most challenges and give a clear and realistic picture of project progress. This will help to reduce risks and achieve the project goals without hassles.
  3. Increased productivity – Outsourcing complex BIM processes frees up the in-house resources allowing them to focus on core business activities. Organizations can avoid the challenges involved in tight deadlines, quality requirements, recruitment of experts, and training resources. The resultant cost and time savings coupled with process efficiency enhance productivity.
  4. Improved project collaboration – Since a third-party service provider deploys the latest tools and technologies there will be established workflow and transparent communication during the project. The end results are well-coordinated designs, enhanced collaboration, and better project management.
  5. Quick turnaround time – Most BIM service providers are available to function 24/7 in different time zones and geographies based on the project requirements. Apart from this, the third-party vendors will be able to deploy well-trained specialists and cutting-edge technology for faster deliveries and design consistency.

Pitfalls of outsourcing BIM requirements

As with any business model, BIM outsourcing comes with its set of disadvantages that you must consider before making the outsourcing decision. The common challenges you might encounter in an outsourced BIM project are

  • Data security and other requirements related to project confidentiality
  • Lack of project control
  • Communication issues
  • Additional changes and deviations from the standards


SBL as your BIM outsourcing partner


Given the dynamic nature of construction business and the pros and cons of outsourcing BIM requirements, careful consideration is essential before taking the step towards outsourcing. Again, for successful project execution, it is mandatory to choose the right BIM service provider with a vast portfolio of specialised BIM professionals and a proven track record of success.  Choosing the right BIM partner can make or break the successful delivery of any infrastructure project. 

SBL Knowledge Services Pvt Ltd has been introducing process efficiencies in a number of construction clients through efficient handling of their BIM requirements. Our cost-effective BIM services ensure efficient resource planning and also help our clients to track resources and improve process sequencing, minimise wastage, and enhance clash coordination.


Getting started with BIM outsourcing


Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  What are BIM Services?

BIM is an innovative design and documentation approach to building projects where physical characteristics and functional aspects of a facility are captured in an intelligent manner using digital technology.

  1. How does BIM technology work?

BIM technology brings immense design potential to the construction industry by applying intelligent insights to visualisation. BIM comes with higher predictive capability than CAD design and goes beyond depicting layout to providing inputs on the right process, resources, and model. 

  1. What are the benefits of BIM services?

The major benefits of BIM in the construction industry are significant savings in cost and resources and the shorter project duration. Apart from this, BIM also improves project collaboration and communication leading to higher efficiencies. Moreover, the well-coordinated designs also improve clash detection and mitigate project risks.

  1. What is the real future of BIM?

BIM can integrate with the latest technologies such as RFID, virtual reality, GIS/GPS, and cloud computing to become a powerful solution supporting complex infrastructure projects.

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