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BIM services for AEC

BIM outsourcing services

As the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry transitions to ever-greater use of digital technology in the design, engineering, and construction of the built environment, BIM services are gaining significant traction. AEC professionals now see BIM as an important means of improving a project’s operational and cost efficiency. These efficiencies extend across the entire project lifecycle, from design through to build and then into facilities management and maintenance. 

Through greater cooperation and sharing of data across disciplines, BIM is also instrumental in improving safety standards and driving sustainability. Similarly, BIM has been adopted by the process plant engineering community: here BIM methodologies are being used strategically to maximise project lifecycle productivity and ROI including the design, operations, management, and optimisation of the plant, processes, and equipment.

Unfortunately, as is often the case with any major initiative BIM is not something which can be implemented overnight. This is primarily because BIM is a process, not a product; an approach, not a single solution. Software and technology play a central role in BIM but one cannot simply ‘buy a BIM’ off-the-shelf. Change on such a disruptive scale can therefore seem daunting: the high up-front costs associated with implementing BIM, both in time and money, are often cited as reasons why some businesses and organisations have delayed making a start. As a BIM outsourcing services provider, this is where we come in.

In essence we help with the heavy lifting, especially in terms of ready access to the required software and skills. From the outset we help businesses avoid the most significant part of the up-front costs. Our customers still need to make the necessary process and cultural changes within their organisations however they will avoid the large ongoing overheads that come with establishing, maintaining and scaling an in-house team of BIM technicians. 

We deliver to BIM Level 2 and even beyond and are capable of producing BIM models at all stages of a project. We serve global firms in both the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) sector as well as for process plant engineering, providing end-to-end solutions that address the common clashes and collaboration challenges typically found in construction projects. Our team captures the project requirements in detail and delivers accurate digital prototypes that incorporate the spatial properties within any building or infrastructure designs. 

For process plant engineering, we help to resolve potential issues in advance, as well as facilitate the integration, upgrading, and scaling-up for existing or new machinery. Our BIM modelling also extends to production lines for plant and manufacturing engineering and factory design projects.

BIM services

SBL’s BIM services

Using the latest production technologies, we deliver accurate, spatially coordinated BIM services that adhere to industry best practices, international standards and codes, and the PAS 1192-2 framework. Our multi-disciplinary BIM experts are proficient in numerous industry-leading software which include Revit, BIM 360, Navisworks, COBie, among others. We support the end-to-end BIM requirements of both the AEC and the process plant engineering industries through a wide range of functions and techniques, each of which is selected to best suit your particular needs. These include: scan to BIM, BIM for architecture, structural BIM; MEPF, 2D plans, laser scan to BIM; Level of Detail (LOD), clash detection, COBie documentation; rebar modelling, landscape modelling and facade BIM services. 

We help you to minimise any rework both at design stage and once the project is underway through holistic clash detection strategies. Clash detection also plays an important role in pre-emptively identifying and eliminating risks and hazards. 

Our large teams support M&E, PPE, real estate, architectural and construction professionals to reduce the risks and costs associated with construction projects. We do so by incorporating conflict reporting and clash avoidance strategies and by providing value addition at each stage of the construction process. Our clearly defined BIM services align with the digital environment and enable precise modelling ranging from 3D up to 7D model creation and 360-degree project view for enhanced visibility and quality assurance.

Why use SBL’s BIM outsourcing services?

Our customisable BIM consulting services facilitate efficient resource planning through accurate BOM and materials planning for your project. We help our clients track on-site resources and pre-plan the maintenance requirements to minimise wastage. With a wide range of BIM outsourcing services to support end-to-end project requirements, we integrate detailed project data into our models for improved construction and process sequencing, quantity take-off, and clash coordination. 

We strictly adhere to BIM project standards and follow the highest quality assurance and data security practices. This guarantees complete confidentiality, safety and integrity of our clients’ information. From the outset of the project we support the digital planning and design workflows to reduce errors and ensure a timely and accurate project completion. Whether it is a commercial or residential building, a large-scale multipurpose development scheme or a manufacturing plant or process or machine enhancement project, our BIM experts have the requisite in-depth domain knowledge to consistently deliver high-quality outputs which meet your objectives.

How to get started

We support the construction and manufacturing industries with BIM services of the highest standards and deliver excellence for projects of all sizes. Due to the size of our teams we are able to initiate and mobilise quickly.Get in touch with us today to learn more about our BIM outsourcing services. Free consultation and quotes available.

Case studies

SBL case studies
Scan to BIM project of a historic horse racing facility
SBL case studies
Strcutural BIM - Scan to BIM project
SBL case studies
Scan to BIM project of a plaza building in USA
SBL case studies
Railway station modelling scan to BIM in UK

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