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BIM services for AEC

BIM outsourcing services

SBL is a leading BIM services provider with vast expertise utilising the many benefits of BIM to improve the quality and accuracy of output in the building and construction life cycle for our clients. Our high quality BIM services consist of 3D laser scanning services which provide users with point clouds and enable 3D BIM modelling for various tasks including building reconstruction and plant layout. For precision and quality, our team uses Bentley Aecosim and Autodesk Revit to support the architectural, structural, MEP and sustainable components of multiple design projects. These typically include rail & road networks, As-built documentation, assets and facility management. We are skilled in interpreting our clients’ specific needs and providing them with tailored services. In addition, our team of GIS experts offers professional 4D BIM modelling services that allow you to visualise and time the construction process from beginning to end.

While providing top-notch services, our specialists use the most up-to-date technologies and software. This ensures that the data in your building information model is consistent and accurate. File nomenclature check services, visual check services, clash check services, and compliance check services are just a few of the services we offer. 

We are experienced in creating virtual reality via realistic 3D models using LiDAR & photogrammetric data. The BIM department already has a successful track record of large-scale modelling for both Indian and international clients. Typically LODs range from LOD100 to LOD 400. We have also executed a large urban modelling project using ESRI City engine: this project covered a land mass of 2000 hectares using urban planning parameters.

SBL offers advanced BIM application development services, including Android, iOS, and web apps. In addition, we provide data management, virtual reality app development, visual programming, and Autodesk Forge creation. We can help you reliably collect, scan, visualise, and understand 3D scan data using point cloud technology and BIM. Our team converts laser scan data into precise BIM models, produces as-built BIM models, and measures points within scan data. We make certain that your BIM model meets all structural and safety requirements and also provide clash-free BIM coordination services, special validations, and design suggestions to improve collaboration. BIM creates a tight connection between architects, engineers, and construction experts. 

Our range of services

  • Scan to BIM services
  • Engineering services
  • GIS and BIM integration services
  • 4D modelling
  • BIM applications development
  • Clash detection
  • ESRI City Engine urban modelling
  • 3D laser scanning
  • As-builts

Why choose SBL’S BIM outsourcing services?

SBL provides flawless BIM services characterised by top-notch quality and delivered by professionals with unrivalled competence. When you contact us for BIM services, we carefully examine your demands and provide you with price estimates based solely on your company requirements. As a result, when you collaborate with us, budget will never be an issue. 

We are dedicated to providing BIM services of the highest possible quality. We’ve hand-selected the most skilled individuals with flawless abilities and considerable expertise. When you engage with us, you can be confident that quality will be a top priority. Furthermore, as an ISO27001 certified organisation, we emphasise data security and confidentiality. To eliminate data security breach or third-party access, we strictly adhere to well-defined data security measures. Our team also executes a confidentiality clause to go the extra mile and give you total data security assurance. 

We have all the resources and are equipped with the tools and people to manage your business requirements within a short turnaround time, thanks to our multiple delivery sites worldwide. When you work with us, we assign you a project manager. If you have questions, are unsure, or need to provide comments, you can reach out directly to this named contact. The project manager will also keep you proactively informed on the project’s status. 

SBL is fully equipped with the most up-to-date equipment and software; we also have a team of specialists who are skilled in their use. As a result, if you ever need to scale up your BIM requirements, we are fully capable of handling your upscaling needs without sacrificing quality. We have a staff of customer service representatives available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will always be on hand to answer your questions and clear up any confusion you may have about our services. You can contact us by phone, email, or using the live chat on our website, and we will respond promptly.

How to get started

SBL is a leading provider of BIM services with extensive experience working with clients worldwide. We take a client-centred, results-oriented approach and strive to be entirely upfront about our procedures, charges, and techniques. When you work with us, you can expect to be constantly informed about the project’s progress.

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