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Banking and financial institutions are rethinking their business models to adapt to the changing market dynamics of globalisation, the escalating regulatory environment, data security breaches concerns, and intensifying competition. The influx of disruptive innovations such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies has drastically brought the need to transition from legacy systems and embrace digital transformation to meet the changing customer demographics and high expectations for personalised services. Market volatility and changing customer preferences toward digital platforms are pushing the need to focus on rapid innovation for optimising business, technology, and structural operations. At SBL, our banking and finance support services are designed to help meet these challenges and opportunities.

Along with this, the banking and finance industry also needs to ensure high data security and eliminate data silos for meeting the tightened compliance requirements in the global marketplace.

SBL offers customised technology solutions for enabling digital transformation of your banking business which will help you stay ahead of the competition and achieve substantial savings and operational efficiencies including customer retention. We help banking and financial services institutions to redefine their financial operations and overcome the operational challenges in the industry. Our team of technology specialists designs and develops responsive solutions that meet the global banking need for delivering services efficiently across multiple touch points and guaranteeing a seamless omnichannel experience to the customers. 

As banks are embracing a digital-first approach in all their operations, we help banking institutions to strengthen their core operations by infusing scalable computing capability, fostering innovation, and establishing long-term cost and operational efficiencies. We help the banking and finance sector transition to cloud-based CRM solutions and efficiently manage client data along with streamlining client interactions. Our solutions support the delivery of personalised services and improved customer experiences. We also ensure intelligent data analytics solutions that allow our clients to gain critical insights and fulfil customer demands promptly using predictive analytics about their behaviour patterns.

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Key highlights

  • SBL accelerates clients’ banking procedures by opening KPIs for banks along with other necessary operations.
  • We employ fraud detection for financial service offerings and comply with complete regulatory reporting.
  • We devise a secure and customised digital transformation strategy for banks and financial institutions to allow them to gain an advanced competitive edge.

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SBL can revamp operations of banking and finance industry clients by devising digitised solutions to enhance efficiency at a reasonable cost

Our banking and finance services have been meticulously designed to assist you in increasing overall efficiency. Contact us to work with an experienced team with the resources, skills, and technology to tackle the complex process and build a successful operating model.

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SBL case studies

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