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Insurance back office support services

SBL provides comprehensive insurance back office services & solutions to meet all insurance outsourcing needs, including life insurance, property and casualty insurance, policy administration, claims administration, and many other services. Our insurance data entry experts will guarantee precise data entry activity for you, saving you time and effort as a part of back-office support functions. Wherever applicable we introduce Insurtech technologies and software to deliver the most efficient, accurate and scalable insurance back office management solutions.

We also support you in setting up appointments with prospective insurance clients and doing background research before deciding to enrol the client. Furthermore, our team will help your internal staff to optimise their workflow.

At the same time, we maintain reports on changing regulations, competitor analysis, claims, insurance fraud, and subrogation, among other things. These reports will allow you to streamline your processes and create a competitive advantage.

Our insurance back office services also help you with your account handling difficulties by delegating the task to professional accountants who help you with your bookkeeping needs, saving time for your in-house staff and sharing better coordination between the internal committee. With high-quality insurance analytics services, we’ll help you serve your customers with better services and help reduce customer defection to the competition. Our highly qualified claims management staff scrutinise insurance warranty claims and carefully reviews each instance to see if the requests are valid and accurate.

We offer dedicated resources to manage customer care for your insurance consumers. We provide highly skilled professionals who understand their concerns, and make appropriate recommendations. By collaborating with an experienced insurance operations provider like us, you can streamline your insurance operations efficiently. We help you with the best support services and resources to help achieve your goals as a global insurance operation service provider. Along with this, SBL’s back office support team also excels in various insurance industry specific applications, including Vertafore, Nexsure, Agency Matrix, Hacksoft, Salesforce, and others, helping to achieve efficiency and confidence in the day-to-day tasks.

Our comprehensive range of insurance support services

  • CAQH profile services for insurance credentialing
  • Insurance prospect and market research
  • Catastrophe modelling for insurance
  • Insurance commission management
  • Warranty claims management 
  • Insurance endorsements
  • Insurance BPO customer support
  • Insurance reporting
  • Underwriting for property and casualty insurance
  • Life/annuity insurance underwriting
  • Insurance appointment setting services
  • Insurance data entry
  • Business process management (BPM) for insurance
  • Insurance software
  • Insurance analytics services
  • QQCatalyst management services

Why chose SBL’s insurance back office
services & solutions?

SBL’s back office support services ensure extreme precision and aim to make the back office management and operations a smooth experience for you. Through a continuous review of your sales support channel, our service will improve transparency and accountability and provide audit based insights to your organisation. Our teams offer unrivalled insurance back office management services for insurance streams such as retirement, annuity, property and injury insurance policies and claims. We work closely with your team to become an extension of your operations, adapting seamlessly to your team’s work structure and pattern. 

Our project managers will assign a professional team of executives with the necessary insurance industry knowledge while lowering back office administration overhead costs and increasing transparency and cost predictability. We always utilise cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, allowing us to tailor your back office services to your specific requirements.

How to get started

For our clients worldwide, we are always ready for all types of insurance-related help, including policy cancellation. In addition, our extensive expertise serving a variety of insurance firms allows us to better understand your specific company needs and provide tailored services.

Be a part of SBL’s vast client ecosystem and avail flawless back office support services as you connect with us to require further assistance. Talk to an expert now!

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