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B3 form building
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    SBL offers a dedicated team for B3 form building services with global expertise to facilitate form processing and improve the efficiency of the supply chains of our clients. We help customs brokers to maintain strict deadlines, process larger volumes of transactions and competently manage their customers and leverage high-level accuracy services, delivered in a short turnaround time. We operate using agile systems such as Accelerated Release Operations Support Systems (ACROSS) and Custom Automated Data Exchange System (CADEX) to transfer information electronically with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).  In addition, the customs brokerage team at SBL undergoes rigorous training, ensuring they understand all related aspects to the Canadian customs B3 forms, and all rules associated with customs brokerage.

We follow a strictly streamlined process where we first control and monitor that the shipment documents are scanned into images and then indexed for sorting. After the verification process, we add data inputs in the B3 forms. At the final stage, we ensure multiple quality checks to provide optimum accuracy of the conditions.

Why choose SBL’s B3 form building services?

When you outsource B3 form building to SBL, you unlock a systematic procedure for B3 Form Generation. We follow a structured process that involves scanning the documents transferred to the DMS (Document Management Service) system for data entry. Only authorised experts can access these documents for indexing and sorting purposes. We then process invoices and inspect all documents encompassing valuation notes, electronic worksheets, and CADEX notes to ensure that strategies for tariffs, cash discounts, vendor relationships, value for duty (VFD) codes are followed. Moreover, team members consider the relevant Tariff Treatment, Value for Duty Code (VFD), insurance, discounts, Incoterms2000 and NAFTA status, as these influence details are documented in the B3 form. Our reliable team members liaise with the client team at all times to ensure that the process is carried out smoothly.

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As a leading outsourcing company, SBL fully understands the dynamic and diverse clients’ needs and aim to offer optimised, high-quality, accurate, error-free, and cost-effective B3 form-building services.

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