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Appraisal Support Services

Appraisal support services for banking & finance

Mortgage appraisal support services

SBL has comprehensive experience in offering property valuation and appraisal mortgage support services to mortgage companies for all types of properties in compliance with international property laws. SBL’s appraisal support services enables companies to determine a property’s accurate and appropriate market value covering its reviews, market valuation, liquidation value and comparison with other properties in the same location so as to mitigate risks involved in such types of mortgage deals. We integrate our vast experience of working with multiple property appraisal companies with cutting-edge technology so that our clients can receive the best appraisal support services

As a premier mortgage services company, we devise and document accurate property appraisal reports retaining updated property value. Our assistance is focused on reducing the average turnaround times in the property appraisal process without compromising the quality of the process. We include all the vital touch points of an effective appraisal methodology, including information on the location of the property, trending market rates around the location, and the current renovation requirements of the property, while reviewing the property appraisal reports. SBL’s services provide its clients a holistic solution for their property appraisal needs.

Our comprehensive range of services

  • Broker price opinion support services
  • Mortgage appraisal for companies
  • Mortgage appraisal review
  • Real estate appraisal data entry
  • Mortgage appraisal ordering
  • Comparative market analysis

Why choose SBL’s appraisal support services?

We bring an organised approach to appraisal management with years of experience in offering top-quality back-office support for global appraisal companies. We integrate qualitative analysis, document management and an efficient communication channel to streamline our clients’ property appraisal process. Along with this, our process ensures considering all the factors that impact the property’s fair market value. Moreover, having highly trained appraisal management experts, quick TAT leveraging a 24/7 work environment, reducing clients’ employee operations cost, 100% data confidentiality and privacy, absolute accuracy in the review of appraisal reports, and end-to-end appraisal support with all aspects of the process, are some other prominent advantages of SBL’s appraisal support services.

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