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Accounts payable & receivable for customs brokerage services

Accounts payable
& receivable for customs
brokerage services

SBL’s accounts payable and receivable outsourcing services are aimed at successfully automating the processes of document management, transaction management, exception resolution, duplicate removal, and disbursement-related services to transform our customers’ complete payment activity. SBL also helps you keep track of your account payables and account receivables while supporting you in understanding the health of your business finance. With our services, you will be able to monitor invoices and billings, set reminders, and manage payments.

For accounts payables, SBL utilises the latest specialist software. These include workflow technology, accounts payable dashboards, EDMS, or electronic document management system; invoice processing applications, and OCR, all of which help with optimising payments, enterprise resource planning, and recurring payments etc. Our end-to-end services include data capture, data processing, suspect duplicate analysis, disbursement services and accounts payable reports; utility bill management, travel and expenditure processing, tax reporting, supplier management, special project reports, and customer service. 

SBL’s dedicated accounts receivable department provides a similarly comprehensive set of services. These include entering receivable transactions into the accounting system, and issuing credit memos and refund checks approved by the customer; maintaining subsidiary receivables ledgers, and preparing and delivering periodic statements; carrying out process adjustments approved by the customer, and applying cash received to customer accounts including resolving short pays.

Our team also ensures precise, accurate, complete and up to date results. This is due to the pace at which we keep track of change. Considerations include updated credit and collection policies, automation software and their users, electronic invoices and their deliveries, and changing trends in customer self-service options.

Our range of services

  • Real estate accounts receivable
  • Accounts receivable factoring services
  • AR ageing report creation services

Why choose SBL's accounts payable and
receivables services?

SBL’s modern workflow and imaging technology, as well as our rigorous adherence to industry standards and high regard for quality service, are all reasons why we are trusted as an efficient and accurate partner throughout the industry. Our systems give customers real-time information on invoices, approvals, and all outstanding liabilities for the company. We also provide customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide rapid response and resolution to customer and vendor inquiries. 

We provide customised account handling programs. In collaboration with our customers, we design an inbound and outbound plan for managing their receivables based on their customer relationship strategy. You will also be securing a central repository for all customer service-related material as you decide to partner with SBL.

How to get started

SBL’s services give you more control over each account by ensuring that all invoices are properly tracked and closed and that detailed reporting is completed. Thanks to our data security and privacy procedures, your data is safe with us. 

Choose us for comprehensive account payable and receivable services that deliver results. Get in contact with us right away!

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