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Company overview

SBL Knowledge Services Pvt Limited is a well-respected outsourcing services and solutions provider headquartered in India. In addition to our eight production centres we have offices in the USA, UK, Australia and the Middle East with ambitious plans to significantly increase our global presence by 2025. 

The company was founded in 2005 by our current CEO Mr Gopakumar Pillai. Mr Pillai had a vision to create a knowledge-sharing organisation for governments, businesses and communities that was technology-lead. Through imagination, innovation and a long-standing commitment to research and development, we have achieved this original goal and the company has since developed into a well-established, highly trusted partner for growth right across the world. Our multidisciplinary departments now provide in excess of 200 services, catering to 20 industries, in addition to our nine in-house software products. 

What we do

Software Development Services

Together these products and services form solutions to problems. If there is a common thread to what we do it is to help our customers digitally transform their organisations at unprecedented scale and speed, so as to better meet the opportunities and challenges presented by this century’s rapidly changing demands and expectations. With a dedicated team of 1500+ skilled professionals, we have provided services to more than 500 customers ranging from startups, to Fortune 500 companies, to local and state governments.

A combination of finely-honed experience, industry specific best practices for quality standards, and a commitment to fast, efficient turnaround times has helped us to successfully deliver in excess of 2000 projects with 98% customer retention. Over the years we have built up a deep level of expertise in multiple fields many of which are interconnected. These include geospatial science, engineering, smart cities and BIM, smart technology, E-commerce, AI & ML, education, and government. Wherever appropriate we always utilise technology to drive automation, increase access, and unlock the full value of our customers’ information. This is all part of our commitment to IT-enabled solutions and services (ITES) today to ensure a smart and sustainable tomorrow.

Our vision and mission


Our vision is to become a global knowledge organization where people are at their creative best, trust is upheld in relationships, thought is consistently focused on technology innovation.


Our mission is to re-engineer business processes and pioneer impactful technological advancement through a programme of continuous innovation to ensure value-driven, customer-centric Information Technology solutions and services.

Our corporate values


Integrity for us is about being transparent, honest and ethical in conducting our business. We follow strict adherence to processes and standards, and are committed to walk the talk. Integrity leads to reliability, flexibility and trust. 


At SBL each one of us is committed to building competency and reliability which is integral to building trust. We understand that trust fostered in all relationships is based on mutual respect and delivering on commitments.


For us accountability is about taking responsibility, ownership and being transparent about the outcome. One leads oneself as well as others when assuming accountability.


We believe that imaginative, creative and forward thinking are the key to providing innovative and world class solutions, giving the customer excellence at all times.


We create an environment where people are respected and empowered, weaknesses are supported and addressed, roles are clearly defined, and each member is working towards a common goal where functional synergy is achieved.


Leadership at SBL exists at every level through integrity, strength to be the change, self- initiation and an ability to convert obstacles into opportunities. Bringing your team with you through engagement, reasoning and inspiration is for us an essential part of leadership.

Notable achievements

SBL recently won the highest Civil Service Award from Govt. of India for the implementation of eVidhan (e- parliament) for the Himachal Pradesh assembly.

Our GIS team was instrumental in the rebuilding of King’s Cross railway station in London through our 3D modelling services from point cloud survey data.

We collaborate in regular partnership with one of the UK’s Royal Warrant Holders, who undertake work by appointment to Her Majesty The Queen.

SBL was proud to be the technology partner tasked with automating Kerala’s legislative secretariat.

Our genealogy team completed transcription for three UK census projects totaling more than 100 million individual records and more than 5 billion words.

The data management team digitised the entire document archives from 1833 for a prominent legislative assembly.

In 2010 we were the first company in India to offer UAV Services.

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